Indoor Axe Throwing

Open Tuesday-Sunday from Noon-10pm.

Cost is $20 per person-per hour for a party of up to 6 people.

For a party of 6-30 people- reserve a 2.5 hour party at $35 per person. 

Release your inner SAVAGE!





Congratulations to all of our competitors who qualified for Round 1 of the National Axe Throwing Championships. Here are the results of round 1!

1. Ragnar    Score: 183   Average: 61   Big Axe: 20

2. Wedge   Score: 182  Average: 60.667. Big Axe: 25

3. King Robert     Score: 180   Average: 60   Big Axe: 31

4. Wulfgar    Score: 180   Average: 60   Big Axe: 18

5. Tiniest Warrior    Score: 166 Average: 55.3   Big Axe: 1

6. Too Tall    Score: 160    Average: 53.3   Big Axe: 33

7. Aethelwolf    Score: 160   Average: 53.3   Big Axe: 32

8. Billy the Kid    Score: 156   Average: 52   Big Axe: 5

9. Gnome    Score: 154   Average: 51.3   Big Axe: 16

10. Freya    Score: 148   Average: 49.33   Big Axe: 6

11. Professor Thunk    Score: 138   Average: 46   Big Axe: 0


Congratulations to our top 6 competitors- they will go on to the Final Round of the NATC in Toronto, Canada on February 18, 2018.  Wish them all luck!!!! 



We will be holding a fundraiser on Sunday, January 28th from 4-10pm.  All proceeds will be applied towards travel expenses for our league members who qualified for the Championships in Toronto, Canada.

Everyone is welcome. The cost is $20 to join us for 6 hours of food and axe throwing fun. We will have a raffle at our event, if anyone would like to donate to the raffle, please visit us in person or email us at

TEST YOUR AXE THROWING SKILLS! For a $5.00 donation to our fundraiser, you can challenge one of our qualifying league members to a league style match. If you beat them, you win a $20 gift card to Valhalla to use on axe throwing or on anything in our gift shop! 

Thank you all for your continued support! We are so excited to have our league members representing Valhalla in the National Axe Throwing Championships!






Join Our League


Now accepting League sign ups for our Winter SEASON!

Season starts first week of January 2018. NATF rules. 

Winner takes home cash prize.

Name *
Choose which night to compete: *
League starts first week of January 2018
Lucky number will be printed on back of T-shirts.
Nicknames will be printed on back of T-shirts.
Every League member receives a team shirt. League members play individually but represent Valhalla.

Open- Tuesday-Sunday- NOON-10pm

Closed- Mondays


Jeannette, PA

6781 State Route 30
Jeannette, PA 15644